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07-11-2012, 01:11 AM
I agree this is another unnecessarily obstructive dysergonomic impediment in the UI. The work around is to open the character screen plus inventory first [u] then all these other interfaces will open without closing it and allow you to do all the transferring you want.

Its just a pain remembering to press U before you do anything else ...

Coming to this recently due to the Free To Play option (but I have spent real money on it btw) it just feels like you are playing a game which isnt properly finished and bug fixed, after how long ...? I would guess its the way the engine is set up which makes it awkward to program but even so that needs to be overcome not passed on to the player.

Subjectively, its only the fact that it is "StarTrek" (with Leonard Nimoy) that makes it worth making the considerable effort it takes to learn how to use the interfaces but even then it is purgatory which makes it that much easier for the bubble to burst. Did someone say STO has retention issues? Well IMHO the UI would be the place to start changing that.