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07-11-2012, 02:58 AM
now this is not the worst, but I found it rather strange (might be troll?).

ISE as usual, double loot wednesday, so usually there are more people. join in, say the usual hi, got 3 responses, which I take as a good sign (not all answer, while know the tactics, so I dont mind them). we finish the cube and spheres really quickly, move on to the left. one guy (who said hi, so I had high hopes about him ) goes right for a generator, and blows it by the time we finish the cube. I say, why would he do that (btw he was the classic case of defiant rainbow beamboat), he did not understand what I was talking about. now some spheres coming in, we kill the gens, I hold the spheres back with grav pulse and grav well. however I saw something strange, one sphere was going the other way. since there were a lot of them, I took that as I was mistaken, and destroyed the rest.

we go right and find one generator already popped. who was it? I have no idea. not our rainbow defiant hero, for sure. however he did continue, and go for the generator ignoring the cube. now the optional still was in the air, however with a group, that does not even know the basic 10% tactic (I do not even think there is a better one, not for pugs anyway), I could not ask to save the optional, because it would have required to not kill one generator, which was obviously an issue in their heads.

when we finally cleared the nanites, one guy was off in the distance fighting his sphere, while we tried to destroy the transformer. oviously we lacked dps, since the one ody in the distance did not help, neither did the beam defiant, and I had to concentrate on the nanites, and had to wait for the time when I can pop my gravity well in a place, where the cube wont be aggro'ed.

my precautions were stupid, since the first thing the ody did, when he gloriously defeated his sphere was to attack the tac cube, and our beam defiant hero went to help him, and when they were failing they obviously pulled the damned thing towards us. so I popped evasive and went in a way where I can still shoot at the gate, while the cube was shooting my shields down, so the gate could pick my 5% shield, and kill me with a 40k shot (and this happened to everyone). going back, our heroes go for the cube, fortunately it is behind the gate, so we can pick the gate apart, and then move to the cube, which was easy ofc.

now we did finish this in reasonable time, but what I still dont understand is the rainbow defiant. he was a 400 day veteran, and was still flying a beam escort, knows nothing about elites, and comes obviously for the double loot... was he trolling, or there are people, who still do not understand the game after a year?