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Originally Posted by hellsfire6 View Post
Do you have Tac team and Emergency power to shields(EptS) BOFF skills?

No amount of armour or shields will stop the Borg without backing from the right skills.

You cannot just sit there with passive defences and expect to survive.

Tac team - reallocates shields to the facing being hit (BOFF Tac Skill)

EptS - boosts shields on all facings (BOFF Eng Skill)

Having 2 each of the above and keeping them active will make you survive most Borg encounters for a considerable period of time - Invisible Tac Cube Plasma shots excepted.

What class of ship are you using?

If you have Honor Guard MK XII shields and you don't know about BOFF skill rotation for survival, how the heck did you get them?

I have HG MK XI shields and die maybe once every 5 normal STF's if that and I have less armour than you.
Currently flying a Vor'Char retrofit battle cruiser (which turns like an escort - but thats a whole other story).
This seems like a bit of gravedig. . .

In any case, I'll tell you how he probably got the mk XII gear. He probably blundered around in Elites accomplishing little to nothing, got the STF drops that the proficient players were wanting, and bought himself some shiny gear. . .and doesn't know how to put it to good use.

Then again, that's probably the pessimist in me speaking out