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Concentus: uh let's see... Oh now for the infamous balance question. What's the balance target for new ships and skills and items, is it balanced for the 5-player team in mind, and why do so many "broken and unbalanced powers" slip QA and make it straight onto Holodeck?

Geko: I actually find it a very esoteric question,.... I teach a class on this internally

we wanted it to be 20 clicks before somebody dies, before you kill a particular enemy, and you kinda start from there,

And part of it is if we want people to be excited about something, if we want people to really want that spinal lance or that antimatter spread or that photon torpedo point defence system you kinda on purpose make it a little overpowered. Just a little bit. Just to make it exciting.

Sometimes it hurts PvP a little, and I recognize that, but there's always counters, we're always developing counters for these things.
Kudos for bringing this up.

Maybe revise the syllabus of that class, and make the QnA team sit in it.

So in 5v5 arena matches how does the 20click philosphy work out, do you have data or experience to actuall see if your design is whats going on out here?

A little OP, like the bug, why is it so hard to build immunities into these powers so things like AMS cannot be chained, i mean freakin borg NPC get resists, ppl still want to buy their p2w crap, but players can be chained???? does this make sense to anyone???

Always counters???, like uh the subsystems repair skill both in the old and new skill tree, like the working counters to chronitons, absent for 2 years straight, and not working on tribble despite the patch, original PSW stun, VM..... always counters?????are you sure you are looking at the right spreadsheet maybe time to simplify it
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