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I suggest a holodeck on Starfleet Academy that you could enter from for examle one of the unused buildings to try out your ship in.

To try out differend consoles, weapons and abillities for maximum power output.
And to try out Skill specs/respecs. (This could make people by more respec tokens) .. if there is money in it, maybe it could happen

You enter space with a stationary target and you give the target all you can with weapons and abillities, a timer set to let's say one minute.
(Empty space, One target and You... nothing more)

And when the minute is up you get a damage report from lets say 15sec, 30sec, 45sec and one minute.
From the damage report you can see what damage you do in the different time spans.

Then you can try different consoles and see how it affects your damage output in real numbers.

Maybe not have to be server based?

Conclution: A way to try out different weapons, consoles, abillities and Skill specs.
A way to finetune your ship to meet the damage output you like.
A way to see if you can replace a console without loosing to much damage output.

This is a suggestion from me..... What do YOU think about it, good or bad?