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Screen renders as a blocky mess using AMD video cards.
THE WORKAROUND: Downgrade your AMD graphics driver to version 12.1.

THE FIX: AMD is working on it.

Version 12.2 of the AMD driver has something horribly wrong with it. AMD is (hopefully) working on a fix for this. It's not just affecting our games.

You may have to completely uninstall your AMD driver before installing the 12.1 version. It's been reported that the driver rollback feature didn't work for someone.

The most recent version of ATI/AMD's Catalyst drivers are now 12.6. I recall hearing that the version prior to 12.6, (which was 12.4) still had the same issues, but I was wondering if anyone had tried the latest version yet and whether it still had the same issues that 12.2 - 12.4 had?

I'd have posted in one of the other threads, but they're all older than 30 days now.
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