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I dont like the fleetname!
well lets find a better one

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1. Further distorts the PvE vs PvP play time per toon regardless if a PvP toon or not. Not to mention reducing of fun factor by requiring such grind to get the new resources.

2. Further reduces KDF access to PuG PvE grind as well as provides less KDF alt resources for the grinding as people w/Fed mains will focus their grinding there.

This allows for the Dev pretext of ROI to dump KDF/PvP development resources.

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Still, having different fleets agree to build complementry rather than redundant starbase resources and allowing players to hop from fleet to fleet to acquire each fleets' unique resources may be a option. I just don't know if the mechanics are such that fleets won't want to let someone come in and spend their fleet resources if it takes away from the fleet resource purchasing opportunities of permanent members.
I was thinking about the same thing, ultimately the desirable items of a fleet are provisioned, once they run out everybody needs to contriboot to bring them back up. i think it this would be an option for a small group of players with single player bases. But the chances of having months of donations and standing in line be voided by an "outsider" just spells trouble to me. Once the base is constructed, I think that focusing on eg. space pvp will make provisioning easier since almost everybody will want the same 2 or 3 items before anything else

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"dual citizenship"
yes the nightmare of lawyers, and accountants world wide

will send invites as soon as i m back online.
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