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07-11-2012, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by orondis View Post
I paid money for this thing a little over a month ago, yet once season 6 strikes it'll be rendered obsolete, especially VS the already overpowered bug which is getting a FREE buff.

Yes I know there's a new improved version at tier 5 shipyard (which will take months of focused grinding to even have a chance at getting it), but I see no reason why I should have to grind for a new improved version. Not only have I just paid 2000 c-points for the inferior one, but the Jem'hadar attack ship is getting one for free.

Worse is that I may be expected to PAY for this upgrade.

Please buff the c-store version so that it's the same as the fleet store version.
how exactly will it become obsolete? will it no longer be able to handle itself in pvp? will it no longer be able to deal a ton of dps in an stf? just because fleet versions of the other ships will bring them up to par with the armitage, does not mean it will be obsolete, it just means your OPness will be decreased. and as for the bug, it is very well that players paid more then 2000cpts for them, since they were in a lottery, not a guaranteed purchase.