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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
They would need to buff every ship from C-Store.
Of better yet, not buff any ship, including the bug.

Originally Posted by zektoril View Post
will it no longer be able to handle itself in pvp?
Compared to the bug and the fleet ships, no.

When you've got a bug that can have the same hull as a cruiser, more firepower then the majority of escorts (plus chance to SNB with Jem'hadar set) and one of the highest turnrates in the game, the Armitage will not be able to stand up against it.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
The C-store Armitage is already better than the vast majority of Fleet ships even w/out it's Tier5 shipyard fleet version, as well as being superior to entire cadre of C-store escorts for both the KDF and Federation. The Jem'hadar ship buff is a mistake and everyone who doesn't have mud between their ears knows it. Two rights don't make a wrong.
The Armitage is only better then the ships that are variants of T2-T4 ships, the rest are superior, including the fleet patrol escort, which has more hull and shields then it. That's from a tier 1 shipyard.
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