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Right, so looking this over I feel I need to put in my own two pence.

Now I'm an engineer, but NOT a tanking engineer. My Excelsior is designed to be a combat/support ship. I normally play with a tank in an Odyssey. Anywho, I like to torture myself and do PuG Elite STFs on occasion (greedy for chips and such.)

Now I need to explain this ship a bit more thoroughly before I get into this silly little tris. My ship is capable of dumping an incredible amount of firepower for an engineer, combined with manuverability I carved out a little niche in my fleet as the mid field player who can dart in and fill gaps with lotsa pretty crimson bolts of death. Mind you, I have absolutely no threat control, so any and all aggro I pull is because of the damage I'm dealing.

Now for the story.

So I jump into an Elite Khitomer and looking at the team, I'm the only engineer; everyone else is a tactical officer. Not a problem, I believe, they can/should be able to kill anything that looks at them sideways. Cool.

So after the first cube gets waxed I pull off, going my normal route to kill probes on one of the sides while the others kill the generators, transformers and such, and I will aide on my side when I can. Typical, normal everyday manuvers I've been doing since I joined my fleet.

Now, I'm already sitting in the probe lane, killing leisurely, when one of the players shows up, also in an Excelsior, his borg junk hanging all over, and starts attacking my probes. Me, I get a little annoyed, seeing as I figured being in one spot for over 3 minutes is long enough for people to establish that I'm doing something. This guy didn't believe so. So, I stop firing, turn, and attack the generators next to me, assuming since he jumped my spot he can handle it. Nope.

As I'm shooting up the generators, cube, then transformer I'm watching him as well, and seeing he's broadsiding the probes, and getting forced back further and further towards the gate the probes want to go through. When the transformer blows, I dart across infront of the destroyable gate, and kill a probe, thinking it might give him some breathing room to collect himself. Wrong again.

I start on the otherside of the gate, blow up the generators and such, and see his backs against the wall, and two probes make it past him. So I paddle over to him, destroy the four probes bearing down on him, then turn around and sit infront of the gate again.

This guy starts darting all over for a while, then settles down, seeing I haven't moved and am killing without an issue. So he sits above and behind me, shooting at my targets...again.

The gates are destroyed without any more issues and now it's time for Donatara...

Now I must reiterate that I'm an engineer, and not a tanking one. No threat control, just firepower, so I can only aggro through shooting something.

Now, Donatara shows up and immediately blows up one of the tac officers. I'm shooting at her by now and it was almost like she noticed me and went: YOU.

She proceeds to chase me around the map as I shoot back, vainly trying to get out of her sights. The other four are shooting on her, but for the life of them cannot pull aggro. So she blows me up and turns on the others.

This goes on for about 20 minutes. She pops one of them while I'm dead, then instantly turns on me, over and over. I stopped firing at her and just watched the dps they were doing out of curiosity. They were averaging 3-600 dps. My shots were doing 6-1200dps.

We finally managed to kill her after I figured out how to work my engines and get behind her. (BTW she has an incredible turn rate!)

I was extremely impressed with my ship, but also found it laughable that ONE engineer could do more damage than FOUR tac officers combined.
An incredible tale. Who said the Excelsior is "aging" lol!

I get similar attention in my Tactical Odyssey Prototype. It's just the "low DPS useless 2 console" Prototype but each phaser DBB BO3 does over 12k damage. Couple that with Sensor scan, Attack Pattern Beta and a following salvo of quantum torpedoes makes for impressive burst damage which means this poor prototype always gets the lion's share of aggro even with zero threat control.

Donatra would just chase me round and round while the "Elite" pugs wouldn't even dent her rear shield!

The only thing that kind of works in that scenario is get someone to eject warp plasma and gravwell all over her and just wear her shields down gradually by attrition while the Scimitar is stationary. Careful she can still spin around like a fleet escort while locked down.
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