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07-11-2012, 07:54 AM
what is the fascination with popping the first generator in infected as quickly as possible?

I see that, and then the Starfleet tactical cruiser guy and his friend (sometimes, but not always another tactical cruiser) go off on their own to try to kill nanites after popping the closest generator, ignoring the 3 other generators, sometimes not even contributing to the transformer... or, more recently, I see tactical cruiser guy hotel alpha to 10km stand off range of the generators on the opposite side of the transformer from the gateway so that the Borg adds don't aggro on them. instead, the escorts and bops in the group get to tank the new Borg because some cruiser captains don't want to get their hull dirty.

killing an unshielded generator doesn't prove how great your build is! killing nanites & not helping to take down structures doesn't prove anything about your abilities either. if you pop the generator early, you should help clean the mess, not park far away to pick off lone nanite probes.
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