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07-11-2012, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by tjexcimer500 View Post
"I had 3 active, accessible character slots..." HAD being the correct word - you HAD 3 because you WERE GOLD, since you are SILVER you now have 2 and 2+2=4.
I "had" 3 because I was Gold.

Then when I "dropped" to Silver, I only had...uh...3.

3 slots, 3 characters, no loss of access. I had 3 as Gold, I had 3 as Silver. Since I am now Silver, before this ill-advised purchase I only had...oh yeah, 3!

Then I bought a mislabeled item which claimed to be 2 more, but it used some creative math: 3+ 2 = 4.

EDIT: Now, if folks are comfortable with this variable definition of "2 additional slots" dependent on previous status and/or purchases, more power to them. But be aware, the math might not work like...well...real mathematics.

I'm not comfortable with it- when I walk into McDonald's and order 2 hamburgers, I expect to get 2 hamburgers...not get charged for 2, and receive 1 plus the explanation "Oh, you ate the first one yesterday with your off-the-menu meal combo."

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