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07-11-2012, 09:34 AM
Well I guess with the Garumba and Dreadnought not having a console but a free ability thats like a Beam Overload, Plus 9 other console slots they figure they are already +1?

And really the Kar'Fi, I have it and while Im Disapointed it has no fleet version. Many consider it the best ship in game. A Carrier, With special Pets, And a good Turn Rate, Shield Mod, etc
They prob consider it already +1.

Same goes the the Oddy and Bortas. They arent getting a fleet version, they are already a +1, 10 Console ship. The Oddy and Bortas that unlocks at Tier 5 Shipyard is only 9 Consoles to the C-Stores 10.

Just IMO, but stat wise and loadout makes since to me. Sadly thats all the ships I bought. Guess I bought the right C-Store ships, but doesnt give me much to look forward to in the fleet store.