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# 1 Custom ship crew uniforms
07-11-2012, 10:05 AM
One of the things that has bugged me for a while about Foundry missions is that whenever extra crewmembers (other than Bridge Officers) are used in a story, they always have different uniforms from a player's ship's 'standard uniform'. This tends to break continuity and take the player out of the moment so to speak.

I know this subject has been brought up before in other sections to allow a player to select a 'standard uniform' for their crew so it would be seen on the NPCs wandering around when the player visits the interior of their ship. My suggestion is meant to give added weight to the idea as it would add greatly to immersion in many of Foundry missions as well.

Adding three additional catagories to the drop down list for Bridge Officers in for the dialog box choices would make it fairly simple. 'Science crewmember', 'Tactical crewmember', and 'Engineering crewmember' would be all that is needed. These would generate a random race and gender for the NPC in the dialog box - - that would be wearing the ship's standard uniform - or conform to the player's 'crew customization'. (If the player decided on an all Andorian crew, or all male crew, etc).

This customization would be part of the regular game, but the data provided there would be drawn on by the Foundry for missions involving NPCs from the player's ship. So security teams beamed down to help would have the ship's uniform, NPC's used on 'player ship' missions could be wearing the player's ship uniform, etc.

It would be nice to add a catagory to the costume section as well to allow for a little customization. Using the most famous example - having the ability to use Helna's head/body, but wearing a players uniform. It could be as simple as a check box in the costume section after creating the NPC. The box would simply say, "Use player uniform?" So that whenever the NPC was generated in a Foundry mission they would have all the characteristics as designed by the author...but be wearing the player's custom ship uniform.

Sound like a good idea?...and add more weight behind the reason to make a 'crew customization' ability for the game in general?
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