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I have a feeling many of you have not got the gist of the OP's message, and confused it with something else,

It is true - From a story point of view, Ker'rat does not make any plot sense at all within the STO story. In STO, the Klingons and the Federation have agreed to rest their war as far as the Borg are concerned. And for the subject "Klingon-Federation war" it doesn't make sense to involve the Borg at all.

The Borg in Ker'rat should be replaced with Fed and KDF NPCs, with some remains of a former Borg presence as the loot. The awkward warping every few minutes should be removed. The several bugs (such as the stretching cubes, although that one seems to have become better recently) should be cleared from the map.

Maybe one day Ker'rat will be repaired. That would be great!
Finally, somebody gets what I'm talking about.