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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
So, the ship sale we had a weekend or two ago, I bought the Bortas pack, figuring I'd like that more than the Odyssey pack, which I might get in the future.

And I do, quite a bit. I don't see a huge amount of Bortas threads, at least newer ones, maybe they were all made already. Anyways, I'd just like to mention my own two builds I use:

First off, Klingon tac in the Command Bortasqu'.

Fore weapons (All weapons are currently Mk XI Borg-specifics)

(4) Single Disruptor cannons

Aft weapons

Four disruptor turrets (sometimes 3 turrets and a tricobalt torpedo launcher or a cloaking tractor-beam mine launcher)

I use the Klingon Honor Guard set, Mk XI for shields, Borg deflector, and Borg engine.


Engineering slots:

(2) Nuetronium alloy (1) plasmonic leech
Isometric Charge console (sometimes switched for the Borg console)

Science slot:

(2) Field generators

Tactical slots:

5 Mk XI rare Disruptor Induction Coils

Bridge Officer slots:

Cmdr. Engineering: E-power to shields 1, E-power to shields 2, Aux to Structural 2, DEM 3

Lt. Cmdr Universal: Tac team 1, CRF1 (csv1), Attack Pattern Omega 1

Lt. sci: TSS 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Lt. tac: Tac team 1, CRF1 (csv1)

Ensign Universal: Polarize Hull 1

Base power levels: 100 weapons, 25 shields, 50 engines, 25 aux.

My suggestions in red for what they are worth. Cannons on the BortasQu are tricky as they have restricted firing arcs and the ship has a low turn rate to bring them to target.
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