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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The Bio-neural Warhead now properly explodes when it ought to.
  • Transferring is now spelled properly in the Holdings Contribute window.
  • Resolved the issue with the German translations that caused rank displays to break.
  • Updated Tier V Science fleet rewards to remove Rare Particles and add Very Rare Hangar items.

Tholian Invasion:
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the forcefield from dropping on the left and right external boss fight caves.
  • Players now properly receive credit for killing the external boss.
  • Trappers are now easier to interrupt with damage.
  • Shadows summoned by Shard of Possibilities will now be wearing EV suits if the player's EV suit is on and active.
  • Officers beamed in by Duty Officer abilities will now be wearing EV Suits when the player's EV suit is on and active.