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# 1 Lock Box - Make a Sci ship!
07-11-2012, 12:49 PM
Yup you heard me.

A Science ship for Lockboxes! We need one don't we?

We have 1 Tactical ship and 2 Eng ships already. ( The Tuffi thing doesnt count as it is really non-combat waste of a ship IMO ) Lets get a Sci version of something.

Hell the Romulan ship can be a Sci ship, lets piss of some people with this one! Don't they already use Sci abilities anyway? Viral matrix, and Photonic Shockwave?

Make it Cmdr Sci, Lt.cmdr Tac, LT Sci, Lt Eng, and one Ensign universal. 4 Forward weps, 3 back. Revamp the crappy Romulan set and add a special ability like the Jem'hadar set has for using the galor or bug.

I just want to waste another $100 on a lockbox Sci ship.

Hmm I wonder if this is the same "not so profitable" story as with development of KDF content. Maybe more Tac and Eng's around then Sci. - Just thinking aloud.