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07-11-2012, 01:00 PM
This goes squarely in the "Would Be Nice" category. But until we have the tech to designate a crew uniform, we won't have anything like that in the Foundry. They've always said they would like to give us that feature, but I've never heard of any progress being made on it.

Of course with fleet starbases, the request was renewed to include being able to put fleet uniforms on all the base personnel. Who knows maybe if they get that going, the dominoes will fall.

Until then, I just use random generic 2409 uniforms for anyone supposed to be in the player's crew. This way they at least match the npcs walking around the ship interior, even if they don't match people's BOFFs. I know a lot of authors would rather use a particular favorite uniform of theirs for Starfleet personnel. It's just one of those choices all authors have to make.
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