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07-11-2012, 01:20 PM
I have to vent.

I HATE double EDC days. It brings out the worst players into the Elite rounds. Just TRIED to run IGE (only tech I still need), group was going fine, had like 2 minutes left on the optional and started the last room. They bum rush it and get killed.

Then becky's room. I should have known it was going to be bad when they started spawning pets to agro the room. First run my system locked but I managed to get back, and luckily STO was running and I could start up where I was. Well I look and they are to the 4th corner, I'm thinking well done. Look to my side and the first corner has reset and the borg are respawning. So not sure what happened.

I do the jumping with 2 others for the second round. Things are going well, little timing issue on corner 3, but got past it. Get to corner 4, one of the 2 not jumping falls in the plasma for some reason. 3 of us clear the 4th corner of the borg, and then one guy leaves the corner with out hitting the console and starts trying to resurrect the one in the plasma instead of hitting the console so we could keep moving. Then basically ignores what the mission is and starts shooting borg. Well needless to say corner 1 has reset. Then he just randomly starts shooting borg. Does not respawn with the rest of us to start over, then bails out of the mission.

So that left 4 of us, oops now 3 because he bailed someone else did. Then another leaving 2 of us.

I'm sorry but the elite channel is broken. It's just a PUG group anymore that is now formed in the channel instead of the que. There was no reason for 1/2 that team to have been in elite, except they wanted 4edc and hoped the group would pull them through somehow.

Its not just IGE today, but ISE. When the chat in the waiting to start area is "who is doing what?" I got worried since it's one mission that doesn't need assigned positions. luckily that one worked out.