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07-11-2012, 04:26 PM
A liost or whatever of how many levels you have in what skill points would be very handy. This almost looks like and all things to all people build. You've got lots of cute tricks, but when push comes to shove very littile focus on anything.

You really need to focus your build on eithier hull tanking or sheild tanking. Whilst eithier requires a medicorum amount of the other, just to cover specific situations, you'll get best results from one or the other being focused on.

If your going to sheild tank you REALLY need to be running tac team every 15 seconds, be that via 2 copioes or one and a few purple DOFF's.

As for disabling sheilds. Your level one vershion isn't that muich weaker at this. Yes it has a markedly lower chance of outright disable, but realisticlly even the 3 vershion isn't going to do it via proc, and with enough flow capacitors you drain so much power even with level 1 that the level 3 isn;t any real upgrade. I'd swap viral matrix for energy Siphon 3 TBH though. Even withmaxed flow capacitors and a Plasmonic leech consle you can only sink the power by around 80 with that combo. A fair wad of things will need more drain to kill the sheilds.