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Originally Posted by kessek76 View Post
I've never played STO on this computer. I played the game when it first came out on my old pc. Today I decided to give it another go since it's free. I installed the game from my old disk as I figured it would be faster then downloading it. I also changed up my account so it fits this new (to me) PW thing. So it should be all good. But it's not. It wont let me log in to the game. It says my user name or password is invalid. I've reset the password again just now but it still wont accept me. Is there something more I need to do? Am I doing something wrong?
Make sure you're also using your new PWEE account name (not the forum display name, but your actual PWE account name); and make sure 'Perfect World' is selected in the 'account type' setting on the launcher.

If you're sure you've done all the above, then (unfortunately) your only other option is to e-mail PWE support, decribe what's going on - and provide whatever proof you can that it's your account - and see what they can so for you.
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