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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
The event is not gated.

Only receiving Fleet Marks as a reward for the invasion is tied to an event.
Thats a damn shame, I've yet to run the mirror universe event, I've ran the vault once and the Defari event twice since they came out, they simply are rarely available when I'm playing. Although I'm happy the Tholian event in not time gated, the fact that earning the fleet marks is, is very irritating. Surely a better approach would be for the event to always give fleet marks, but during the event hours it could maybe give a bonus ammount, that way it is still worth running out of event hours and even more appealing to run during event hours? I honestly can't see myself running the event if it's not awarding fleet marks, I've played it this weekend and already have 2 parts of the Tholian set and can't really see myself running it for that alone.

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