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07-11-2012, 06:05 PM
For an Engineer in a Vo'Quv, you can really have some tremendous lasting power.

TAC LtCmdr - TacTm1, TacTm2, TorpSprd3
ENG LtCmdr - EmPw2Sh1, EmPw2Sh2, ASIF2
SCI Cmdr & Lt - Whatever mix you desire, as long as at the bare minimum you have PH and HE in the mix, somewhere.

Some justifications:

TAC: It's important for maximum shield distribution at all times, IMO, to have 2 Tac Teams cycling at all times in PVP. You never know when someone's coming out of cloak when everything's all nice and quiet. With a Conn DOFF to shorten TT cooldowns, this becomes more viable, IMO. A side effect of constantly having TT cycling at all times is that the usefulness of ST or ET is minimized, unless you want to break the constant coverage of TT to automatically distribute your shields. I put in TS3 as a preference since I mount 1 torpedo tube up front. TS3 into the midst of an enemy swarm of fighters in PVP goes a long way in clearing most of the lightest fighters out of the way, at least for a while. Also handy in an STF in those occasions that you do need to engage multiple targets, such as structures.

ENG: 2 copies of EmPw2Sh for the same reason as TT. With a constant rotation of TT+EmPw2Sh, your carrier's strongest defense, it's shields, will be up and powerful at all times. ASIF2 is there to be one of 2 forms of healing. The beauty is that not only does it increase hull defenses while running, but it's an okay hull self-heal and not a heal over time like Hazard Emitters. If there's a catastrophic breach of the shields, you have Polarize Hull, ASIF2, Brace For Impact, and HE to use in whatever combination to cover your hull resists. Should be good until you quickly raise shields back up. Another nice thing with ASIF is that, if you're dealing with Sci abilities to confuse your sensors, ASIF is only a self-heal, and will never be used and wasted accidentally on an opponent. ASIF is a good, immediate, safe self-heal to use when in duress that will minimize the impact of your ___ Team rotations.

SCI: As I mentioned, put whatever you want for most parts since there's lots of flexibility here. However, I do suggest Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters with 1 copy each, at the bare minimum. PH doesn't heal but it grants Tractor Immunity and strong hull resists. You're going to get alot of tractors as a Carrier, even though you're already slow. But I despise being held still for others to have free runs at me. Hazard Emitters is a nice, HOT/Heal-Over-Time that also provides a small resist bonus. Use it on yourself or on a nearby ally that needs topping off or that extra bit of resists while under duress. You can also throw in Transfer Shield Strength into the mix, if you desire, to further ensure your shields be able to stand up to most things out there.
As you can tell, I left off some favorites like EmPw2Weap. My philosophy with the Vo'Quv is that you really need strong defensive power. Everything and their grandmother is gunning for you. You are the Big Red Bullseye, and your destruction will take away all those pesky fighters/BOPs/etc. I don't pretend to be an offensive machine with the Carrier alone. I will make it last so I can constantly churn out craft to aid my team. Whatever firepower I can dish out directly by the ship is just icing on the cake; purely supportive.

If I need in a pinch extra power to weapons, I have Weapon Batteries and/or my trusty 'ol Red Matter Capacitor. If the enemy tires of trying to beat you into submission, then you can divert some power towards Weapons to cause more pain, on top of whatever high-end Sci abilities you decide to throw.

Since you're an Engineer, you can really make this beast last long. Save Miracle Worker for the direst situations. The ability that increases Power Levels is also outstanding when your Devices are on a cooldown.