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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
So what's the point of doing the Tholian stuff now "outside the timed event"-time slot? No rewards 23 hours a day, Fleet Marks 1 hour a day. In other words, 23 hours a day, the invasion is pointless.

Sure the place is accessable all the time (unlike the Deferi Invasion), but there's no point BEING THERE unless it's part of the timeslot event.
Pretty sure you pulled that 23 hours a day number out of thin air. They expanded the timeslots for Defera over 3 months ago. If you see fleet marks as the only benefit to playing the Tholian invasion, then clearly it's not the right way for you to spend your time.

Originally Posted by targpetz101 View Post
still don't see anything about KDF getting visible body armor...
or kits...
Those were talked about on a recent interview podcast that described how the "bodysock" model for Fed characters is different than KDF models. It won't just happen, and they would rather put dev time towards new earnable/sellable KDF costumes entirely, than a visual effect like kits which can just be turned off.

Not what I wanted to hear either, but that's how this particular cookie is crumbling.

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