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Originally Posted by lordcorrino View Post
I've been playing around with a DPS Vor'Cha for my Sci since Elite STF's are such a DPS chase.

So far here's my build.

Fore: 2 DHC, 1 DBB, 1 Quantum
Aft: 4 Turret
Full KHG set

Tac: 3 AP relays
Eng: 2 Mk XII blue RCS consoles, 2 neutroniums
Sci: 2 Field Generators

Eng. Comm: Acton III, AUD II, EPS II, EPS I
Eng. Lt. Comm: EWP I, EPW II, ET I
Sci. Lt.: ST II, PH I
Tac. Lt.: CRF I, THY I
Tac. Ens.: BO I

Turns almost like an escort. Thinking of replacing the DBB with another DHC and the BO with a TT. Need some more rare borg salvage to waste first.
The maneuverability of the Vor'Cha Refit is very good. It is the reason why I left off normal Cannons and Beam Arrays, or even Dual Beam Banks. Your ability to maneuver a Cruiser is second to none on this ship, and that is why I went with 4 DHCs up front. Getting into position for a close range cannon barrage is very doable in a Vor'Cha, and you can do Aux to Inertia Dampeners for even better mobility and turning rates.

I've surprised a number of Escorts by turning and presenting my front shields and forward weapons during their attempts to pursue me. If they want to trade shots, you can surprise the hell out of them