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07-11-2012, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by brackynews View Post
Pretty sure you pulled that 23 hours a day number out of thin air. They expanded the timeslots for Defera over 3 months ago. If you see fleet marks as the only benefit to playing the Tholian invasion, then clearly it's not the right way for you to spend your time.
The Tholian Invasion map had some fun missions (thou the 5-man interior event felt a bit too hard). But if i'm not getting any USEFUL rewards for doing the missions, then I won't be visiting very often. My suggestion above, was to give us something useful, without it necessarily being Fleet Marks. If you just yank the rewards away without coming up with a replacement, people WILL lose incentive to do the missions on the map. I'm happy for you, that you are so accomodating to re-arrange your schedule based around Cryptic's time-gated events. Most people can't.

And yes, the "23 hours a day" was an assumption, based on most time-gated events being part of a 1-hour time slot on the calendar. I am well aware that the Deferi Invasion lasts longer, but it wasn't always like that. It DID start out being only an hour a day.