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Not sure why those videos recommend I use the inherent Target Subsystems abilities, especially with the long cooldowns on the OTHER beam related abilities.

IE: I use the inherent Target Subsystems Shields ability, but it takes the entire cooldown of that ability for me to use BFAW.

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A liost or whatever of how many levels you have in what skill points would be very handy. This almost looks like and all things to all people build. You've got lots of cute tricks, but when push comes to shove very littile focus on anything.

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yeah, it wasn't until far into my Fed Tac career and soon after starting my Eng Klingon character that I started reading into what abilities did what . Long story short, I desperately need a respec. For both.

My attack plan was to go in, hit Viral Matrix and grav well, then EPW, then TSShield, then use the attack command for my fighters. Thus, the enemy is temporarily immobilized, whilst I drop their shields, and my fighters unload a torpedo salvo to severely damage their hull.

...unless this a stupid attack plan for a carrier, and carriers are meant, from beginning a fight to finishing it, to just slug it out while draining, hitting subsystems, etc. The two tac teams is a good idea, so I may replace my BO and BFAW with them (but then what do I do vs fighters and the like?). I might also nab the Energy Syphon 3 in place of the viral matrix, since VM only lasts, like, 3-4 seconds.

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Yeah, but I find myself rarely in a position where I CAN fire torps anyways. Even if this is the case, should I still take a torp launcher anyways and use Torp Spread as well? I'll probably replace EP2W though. And Reverse Shield Polarity. Though, what should I replace my Sci Team with if I can't use it with 2 tac teams?

As far as tanking goes guys, I'm looking to do better with shield tanking, but I'm finding it odd that my hull is halved (PvE) when my shields are low. EDIT: NVMD, the hull is going down less once I hit Polarize hull, Aux to Struct, and Brace for Impact.
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