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07-11-2012, 08:59 PM
The thing with the time gating of the Tholian Invasion fleet marks is rather annoying. It is just common sense and courtesy that an international MMO shouldn't have time-gated content with an active time less than 24 hours. Time-gating the main rewards is exactly the same thing as gating the content, just with added frustration for uninformed players who complete the content and don't understand why they aren't getting rewards.

If the invasion had to be changed to lower the rate of fleet marks, numerous better ways have been suggested. For example, give less fleet marks as rewards, with the event giving a small increase to earned fleet marks. Or, award fleet marks via a set of daily wrapper missions. If a wrapper mission for each mission in the zone is too many, maybe group them into sets such as completing all the easy exterior missions, completing all the medium exterior missions, completing all the zone-wide missions, etc.

Almost anything would be better than arbitrarily locking off the rewards unless you play in a designated time-slot.

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