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killing an unshielded generator doesn't prove how great your build is! killing nanites & not helping to take down structures doesn't prove anything about your abilities either. if you pop the generator early, you should help clean the mess, not park far away to pick off lone nanite probes.
Totally agree, only the culprit last night was a well built MVAE that had great DPS potential (fleet or forum based build?) but the pilot was a different matter.

He would attack the nearest generator in ISE, stay far from the cube, run far away when the nanite swarm ensued.

There was little time to warn anyone so I just told off said MVAE pilot to "If you are so kind as to deploy a dozen spheres, why don't you mop it up ALL BY YOURSELF like a responsible man?"

That shook him awake and instead of hanging off 20km away he did make an effort to join the team. Tactical Odyssey PUG managed to do a smart move luring spheres to follow him round and round the transformer and not shoot anyone so it was a simple matter of swooping in and popping the spheres with warp plasma and massed cannon fire.

Mr. MVAE despite his huge front DPS potential decided he was scared of all the spheres, barely fired fore weapons and instead fired unbuffed turrets at the spheres doing virtually no effective DPS. I had a pair of Galaxy Rs doing much much more damage than that MVAE (Tactical captain Galaxies were doing close to 3k damage per DBB hit with APA, TT and EPTW).

Same story on the other side but this time we were prepared and adopted the unofficial BARCAP strategy to knock out all the spheres as they arrived at the gate.

End of the day I quipped that USS BADASS is a really poor name for a low performing ship.
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