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07-11-2012, 11:12 PM
Yesterday on KASE I had the misfortune of being the only one who knew what to do, and having a team that did not communicate. oh sure one guy called kang and the rest split for the right cube so I thought "maybe they know what they are doing". Take out the 2 BoP's and head for the nanites, all 3 of them start attacking the cube. I tell them what needs to be dne but they just keep going, and they all explode at about the same time. I think "ok well maybe when they respawn they will listen. then I see the optional fail and I look behind me and see that mr "I'll defend the kang!" is busy trying in vain to kill a BoP while the other 3 hammer on the kang. I speed back and mop up, then ask why he didnt tell anyone he needed help. No response. So I figure ill sit near by and help, luckily the others had started wotking on the nanites but are still exploding every few minutes so im thinking "well this will be a while." and move to the center cube to pick off BoP's and nanites. im workinf on the bop,s and keeping an eye on the kang when i see that they are trying to blow the cube. I say "Don't kill it yet or we will fail.", I get only silence in response.
I fly over and spam it right infront of them in zone, silence. So long story short they blew the cube and totaly failed to even dent the 3 raptors they were arracking while I was busy slowing the other 3 down and we failed.
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