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07-11-2012, 11:05 PM
Alright, thanks for the constructive feedback. I will say I do use single cannons/turrets because I am Klingon! I do not turn to shoot at my enemy, I face them head-on, in combat!

Anyways, let's see...Command Bortas, I can understand that, sometimes it's easier to be a little more balanced than the other two.

Borg stuff, I do like it, but I admit, I do also like having the Tactical Readiness from at least two pieces of the Honor Guard set.

Four cannons, four turrets? That's pretty heavy on the weapons draining, but I see the Plasmonic Leech console there.

That's really the only thing I am curious about, is Plasmonic Leech worth using? I don't own it yet, but I am just curious if it's worth buying, because if it is, I'll gladly use it on every Klingon ship I own. Is it even better if I respec and put points into Flow Capacitors?

All that said, you really piqued my interest in trying this, so I will do so once I get everything.