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Greetings Shadowcats!

I just want to note that I think it would be a good idea to concentrate all of our contribution efforts for our fleet starbase into the military category of the grind, as unlocking those military tiers means that we unlock access to the fleet ships.

Any thoughts please feel free to chip in...
based on my experience on tribble i disagree.

military is the more desirable one for sure but i would advice we dont totally ignore the others, at least at first. as it gets much much harder to unlock each tier, we can end up slowing overall base development right down at the expense of trying to get ships a few weeks sooner.

if we went 100% military it would take us 250'000 xp to get us a tier 5 shipyard and we would only then be able to build a tier 2 base.

the tier 4 and 5 shipyards are going to take months to make, so i would actually advise spreading resources out evenly at first. the tribble fleet has a tier 2 base, and is close to tier 3 construction after a few weeks by evenly spreading it out and have all 4 holdings built.

there will be advantages to unlocking the others in a lower tier or two and we should not ignore that. once we have a reasonable base and holdings and have the early things unlocked then i think we can tun to a more focused military production line.

going 100% military will hurt us for longer with a limited base at the expense of shaving a couple of weeks of our first fleet ships.

go all military at first just to get the shipyard 1 and a tier 1 base, then switch to the other two. then switch all to military again for the tier 2 shipyard, then bring the other 2 up to tier 2 after, then switch back to all military as we go for the tier 3 shipyard. military will always have priority in each new tier but we dont screw over the other categories. we can then try to pump everything into military and go tier 4 and 5 shipyards.

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