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07-12-2012, 02:42 AM
So.. when the new Starbases come out..

If I'm able to get the new Carriers, or Carrier pets, I'll try to update this thread with information about them. Don't know when that will be, how ever. It might take quite some time.

Until then, I thought I'd share some Ideas on the Advanced Peregrine Fighters.

Unlike the normal Peregrine Fighters, the advanced ones get 2 Weapon additions:

Dual Phaser cannon and Quantum Torpedo.

Not much else changes between the Advanced and the normal Peregrine Fighters. They are still squishy. But their Quantum Torpedoes do pack a wallop. Making them a nice addion, especially for Armitage Pilots wanting a little Extra DPS. And these little buggers might make a nice substitution to the Advanced Danube Shuttles when Season 6 goes live with the Chroniton Torpedo changes that are going to make it to Live soon??*?
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