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07-12-2012, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
And I find sad that you all think Cryptic did this intentionally...

That's one way it could have happened. The other is that PWE forced it on them, and they couldn't do a thing about it.

You're all upset about this change. But I'm saying you might want to take a step back, and wait till you find who's really behind the change. Then you can effective target your anger, instead of just railing without thinking.

I don't know which it is myself, but I'm saying wait a little first.
You know what? It doesn't matter who made the decision. It still affects the game called Star Trek Online, and there's still only one path available to protest it... Cryptic.

Originally Posted by samseaborn View Post
Nailed it. Sorry Cryptic.

One of the main advantages of it being the way it was, was that when I had a free 10 minutes, I could hop on and grind out 10 or so fleet marks.

Me and 3 of my closest friends run a tiny fleet, we were already going to take YEARS doing this. This hasn't helped.
Right here, this is the problem. It was already going to take a lot of grinding for Fleet Marks to get anything done. Some of us have small fleets with a handful of active players.

This is JUST like the Lobi fiasco. Cryptic dribbles out the numerics a drop at a time and expects players to fill a five gallon bucket to get any reward out of it. It's baloney, especially considering the money I'm pumping into the game every month.

And yes, it's just like the Vault fiasco. If you, Cryptic/PW, think that transforming this game from one that was friendly to casual players into one that assumes we'll adjust our schedules for your convenience is a good idea, you're wrong as far as my case is concerned. And probably lots of other cases, from the sound of it.

We don't all have ten hours a day to sit on our butts and play Star Trek Online. I can easily visit the forums from time to time during my work hours, but I can only play at home and that only when my family obligations have been satisfied. I may need to reconsider my monthly budget for points to spend in the store if this proves to be an issue.

If we can't reasonably build a halfway decent base in anything less than a year, and I'm not even talking about maxing one out, then there's no point in trying very hard. And if that's the case, if grinding fleets is the new endgame, why should I keep giving Cryptic any money when I know I'll never see the benefit of it?