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Originally Posted by arcanis161 View Post
Yeah, but I find myself rarely in a position where I CAN fire torps anyways. Even if this is the case, should I still take a torp launcher anyways and use Torp Spread as well? I'll probably replace EP2W though. And Reverse Shield Polarity. Though, what should I replace my Sci Team with if I can't use it with 2 tac teams?

As far as tanking goes guys, I'm looking to do better with shield tanking, but I'm finding it odd that my hull is halved (PvE) when my shields are low. EDIT: NVMD, the hull is going down less once I hit Polarize hull, Aux to Struct, and Brace for Impact.
Like I said, the Torp Spread 3 and a torp tube up front is a personal preference for me. The Vo'Quv is as slow as a slug, but when I'm at extended range, TS3 is a great clearer of the small fighters flying around in a furball. I also quickly switch targets to something up front that presents itself, even in the mids of a furball. And a TS3 volley even in the short-medium ranges is still nice. Again, it's my preference, so feel free to throw on an energy weapon of choice there, with a suitable LtCmdr TAC ability to go with it.