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07-12-2012, 07:27 AM
I think the worst recent STF I had involved a Klingon player (piloting a Vor'cha, I think) accomplishing very little for the team beyond intentionally failing the optional (at least according to the combat log, since he was dead last in dps). How he intentionally failed it, you ask?

I play an engineer in a sci ody, and I get pretty good dps (according to my combat log parser, anyways). So good that I can (and often have to, due to how retarded most pug teams act in elites) switch between grinding down fixed assets and killing probes (KASE, for anyone wondering). So, I manage to catch a few probes with warp plasma before they're about ten seconds or so from reaching the gate, again due to getting no help from the idiot in the Vor'cha (rest of the team is on the other side), and from behind the probes, he pops tractor beam repulsors.

You can guess what happens next.

Oh, also, before I forget, my worst all-time STF, also a KASE run, this happened about two weeks ago (before I got the sci ody, so I was flying a Galor). Team had pretty horrible dps, even mine wasn't particularly great (this is around the time I had just discovered combat logs and parsing them, so I hadn't yet optimized my build). We fail the optional due to time (oh boy do we ever, the mission itself ended up taking a good 40 minutes), because as is usual for KAS runs, nobody wants to do probe duty (I end up volunteering if only because I'm the only person paying attention).

Well, shortly before the optional is failed, one of the players decides to go AFK. He parks himself about 60km away from both gateways (so more-or-less dead center in the middle of nowhere), leaving me to switch between killing probes and trying to speed things along with the fixed assets. We somehow manage to avoid failing the mission altogether, and get to Donatra. By this time, I'm exhausted, in a bad mood, and thinking about revenge. None of us has any points in threat control, and I'm the only one doing anything approaching decent dps. So I get aggro on Donatra, and proceed to kite her the whole 60km across the map into range of the AFKer, at which point I (and the rest of the team, after informing them of my intentions) break aggro. Donatra dutifully selects the AFKer as her new target (for some reason, the AFKer must've had himself selected, because he starts firing on Donatra the moment she enters 10km range), cloaks from him being *right there*, and then decloaks maybe two seconds later almost right on top of him.

Again, you can guess what happens next. :p

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