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07-12-2012, 08:56 AM
The problem I got with this change is that while there are other ways to earn Fleet Marks, this one was unique in how you could get them. This one was the only one you could get Fleet Marks alone, at your leisure, without waiting for others, without possibly upsetting others in case of failures. In other words, this was a fun place to get Fleet Marks.

I really like Starbase Blockade, but you always need other 4 people where the actions of any one of them (myself included) influence the rewards of them all. I never really can have fun in STFs and such missions because of the responsibilty I have towards other players.
TOIVA, Toi Vaxx, Toia Vix: Bring in the Allegiance class
Toi'Va, Ti'vath, Toivia: Add Tier 6 staple KDF ship types: Carrier and Bird of prey.
Tae'Va, T'Vaya, To'Var: Give us Asylums for Romulans

Don't make ARC mandatory! Keep it optional only!