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I've got a few questions. First of all I'd like to know, how do you "sell" our bridge officers or duty officers via Exchange. They ain't just items in your Inventory, so how do you place them in the Exchange tab?
Actually, it's pretty similar. Just open up your Stations tab where you can see all your bridge officer candidates, and drag the ones you want to sell to the exchange tab. Note you can only sell candidates, not commissioned officers this way.

Similarly, with duty officers, just open up your duty officer roster, and drag the officer you want to the sell tab.

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One more question about the bridge officers. Is it possible to change one without discharging him? Lets say, I've got 5 active bridge officers and I'd like to exchange one for a different race or quality, but I don't like to lose the old one completely. Is it possible to move him to the "candidates" tab?
You can't uncommission an officer, no. The best you can do is go to a tailor, choose them, have it save your setup for them, which will save their uniform, facial, and body settings, and if your new BO is of the same race and gender, you can simply load your saved set and rename them to the same name after you discharge your old one.

Alternately, you can just not discharge them and keep them around. As long as you have free BO slots, that works fine. You can also buy more BO slots from the Z-Store.

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Thirdly, I'd like to know how do I check what titles do I have and how do I change them. I'm very close to getting my 1st medical rank, and, apparently, it's title. Cardassian guy, running around with a "Nurse" title - that sounds so wrong, so terribly wrong to me.
Open up your character tab (press U by default), and you should see a button labelled 'Edit Record'. Click on that, and there should be a drop down box where you can see, and choose from all your available titles.
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