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Ah, IMO that's the part of this outfit that looks best.

Except the mercenary bandolier which I threw in to simulate NPCs wearing kits, the outfit was based on the one Joanne Linville(Romulan Commander) wore in "The Enterprise Incident". It's not identical but nearly so. The main difference is in the precise locations of the panels, and the sleeves. But you can't see the sleeves in a dialogue window. Joanne's char had an outfit with one side burgundy, and the other grey, but the closest we can do is one side grey and the other with 3 vertical bars. Unfortunately, the only way to get the right side to be Burgundy in the right spots would involve setting color1 to burgundy, but color1 is the entire left side. It's kinda odd the way they decided to set the color panels. It has color1 as main color, and either color2 or color3 as the stripes, with the other one reserved for the belt.

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