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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I'm pretty sure you run an escort, otherwise you have a problem. So your best strategy is to run away, the torp will vanish. I know people don't like running away because they like doing an amazing dps but it's the only solution when you have such a ship. And it's a good game design, otherwise there is no interest in playing any other ship but an escort.

I have an Atrox carrier, and I barely see the effect of torpedoes, they can't even pass my shields. I also NEVER get killed with borg torps, targetable or not, unless I'm stupid enough to try to tank the tac cube and the gate in ISE at the same time, for instance, so :
- your build sucks really hard.
- or you don't play your ship as it's intended to be played.
I don't fly an escort. As was stated earlier in the thread, I fly an oddy running a sound build (the dragon tank, its listed somwhere in the forums).
-it does not.
-my ship is a tank, therefore, I will be the one aggroing the gate or cube (not both at the same time). Also, these torps are invisible, so haw can I run away from them?
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