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Originally Posted by enigmawolffie View Post
Once you rank up, the NX class becomes practically useless. It really makes buying the bundle/ship a waste. I was very excited last time I received payment to buy it, but was disappointed when I learned of how weak it was (I am level 50).

I believe that all C point paid ships that are bought at lower levels, should scale with player level, and become equal with the ship level of the player. This would include weapon slots, hull plating, and pretty much anything such as turn rate and abilities. For example, the NX class would scale with escorts, and the Constitution would scale with Cruisers. I think this would be fair to justify the prices of the ships.

Is this a fair suggestion?
As little as the connie makes sense getting a t5 version and competing with 25th century ships, the nx makes even less sense. A 350 year old ships going toe to toe with modern tech is kinda insane.

You get a ship that is better than the starter ship in almost every way, the grappler console which you can still use, and the multiple uniform packs. If you don't think they are worth what they cost then don't buy them...or save up your dilithium.