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I've been trying to decide which ship I want between the Armitage and the Odyssey, but I'm finding I don't have enough information to choose. There isn't enough in the c-store data to pick. Would anyone be willing to share some advice on how to choose between them?

Currently, I planned out how I want to set up my bridge officers for either ship, and was able to do it with just 6 bridge officers. Bridge officers won't be the issue, they've already got all the skills I want them to have, and I can use exactly the right ones for each ship. Three tactical, two engineer, and one science, with one engineer not being used in the Armitage and one tactical not being used in the Odyssey.

Console layout is something I'll figure out when I get there, as I'm not too worried about it. I play a tactical officer, so I tend to focus on my weapons with consoles. This makes the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser the best choice of the three, and the three Odyssey-only consoles (which are thankfully clear in the c-store and work in all three Odyssey pack variants and any console slot) can take up engineering or science slots. I may even get the Armitage for its console to shove into the Odyssey, which is another option.

One thing I really don't understand, though, is how the "extra" ships work. The Armitage is a carrier, and comes with peregrine fighters, but I don't know what that means. Are they good support to have? How do they compare to the Odyssey's Chevron, Aquarius, and Work Bees? Any Odyssey I use would have all three of those unique consoles, after all.

Another thing to consider is weapon layout. I've been trying escorts and cruisers both (I have a tactical captain and an engineering captain, the tactical captain is my main and the engineering captain is for experimenting with other ships/powers/skills/etc), and I find both of them to be very nice ship types. The Armitage, being an escort, has a lot of forward firepower, which I really enjoy, but the Odyssey, being a cruiser, is tough as nails, and I like being able to not worry too much about hearing "forward shield failing". The mobility of the escorts is very handy with the forward weapons, but I find that sometimes I still don't have enough turning speed to get a good angle. I use combat impulse engines to try and help with that.

One last big thing is the Odyssey's Chevron separation. When it does this, what happens to the stardrive section that I control? Does it behave more like an escort in that situation? Would it allow me to get all the speed of an escort in combat while having the durability of a cruiser? I'd really like to get more information about the separation.

The last thing to look at is small, and that's the Armitage's point defense torpedo console. The console itself can be put onto any ship, but I'm wondering which ship could get the most out of it. With cannons taking up forward slots, the Armitage might not have enough torpedo launchers to really get the bang out of that console, while the Odyssey's larger number of weapon slots would help in that regard. It's a point for the Odyssey, to be sure, if I'm thinking along the right lines.

So, there's all the points I can think of to compare the two. I suppose the last question would be about how the purchase works. I haven't bought any ships off the c-store yet because of this. When I buy a ship, does it simply unlock and then have to be bought with something else to use? Does it just give me one copy of the ship bound to one character? Does it give me a copy of the ship for one character and unlock it for the rest? Or, does it give me one copy of the ship for every character?