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Material wise, the Galaxy has the greates density of all the canon ships in Star Trek. The Constitution has 1/6 the density of a Galaxy. Also if you recall the the battle on Star Treck II the Enterprise-A was almost cut in half by phaser fire at the neck of ship. A few more second of that volley and the Enterprise would of been in two pieces. On Star Trek VI a photon torpedo blasted all the way through the sauser section with the shields up. The Excelsior got hit the same exact way and the torpedo did't penatrate.
The only way the Enterprise-D was damage and lost in "Generations" was the the Klingons cheated and found the shield frequency modulation and set there weapons to it. They way the shield could not protect the Enterprise. Even at that the was nothing blasting straight through and most of the damage was internal. The coolent leak was what cause the warp core to go critical.

I'd like to address a couple points here, mostly because I'm bored and will make for good discussion. If I recall correctly, there wasn't a single hit against raised shields in Star Trek II. Kirk ordered them raised but they didnt come online before Reliant fired, and Spock used Enterprise's console to lower Reliant's shields before they fired. Considering every hit in the movie was scored directly against the hull, both of those ships took a hell of a pounding in that battle. In Star Trek VI, a torpedo did blow a hole in the saucer, but Enterprise's shields had already taken multiple hits and Scotty warned that they were collapsing. That hit buckled the shields and exploded through the hull. Excelsior took a hit in the same spot, but her shields were at full strength. If we compare the Enterprise-D's battle with the bird of prey to the battle between Enterprise and Reliant, they're similar. Again, shields were useless on both sides, and all damage was scored directly on the hull. In my opinion, what destroyed Enterprise-D was less efficient damage control than the first Enterprise had against Reliant. I still dont understand why they didnt eject the core. I'd also like to point out that the combat capability of the TOS Enterprise is not as far behind the 24th century ships as people generally believe. Pre-refit constitution classes dont power their phasers through the warp core, allowing them to fire while at warp (Motion picture, various TOS episodes.) in fact, most of Enterprise's combat maneuvering in the original series is done at WARP speeds. In one episode(I dont remember which), Kirk states that Enterprise has enough firepower to destroy a continent. Her phasers can fire continuous bursts at least as long as that of Enterprise-D. I'm not exactly sure how they are arranged, but Enterprise also appears to have at least 6 photon torpedo launchers; in one episode Kirk orders tubes 2, 4, and 6 readied for use. TOS is probably the least consistent of all the shows, but that is a discussion for another thread. Because of that though, I can accept that the Constitution is less capable than it appears. I'll let you all form your own opinions. As far as the game is concerned, regarding old ships being upgraded, A lot of people griped about having an excelsior be as capable as a sovereign class. A lot of people went around comparing P-51 mustangs to F-18 fighters. The mistake here is comparing ships to fighters. Lets instead compare ships to ships. The Iowa class battleships are still the most heavily armed and armored warships currently afloat. It is not their combat capability that led to their decommissioning, but rather the fact that ships with such old technology are vastly more expensive to operate and maintain. I beliveve for the sake of this game that the same issue would apply to excelsior class ships. They require more resources to keep running properly, but arent necessarily less capable than the newer ships when properly maintained. Anyway, I'll let everyone think about that and I will quit writing now. Hurry up and finish the patch cryptic!