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One thing I really don't understand, though, is how the "extra" ships work. The Armitage is a carrier, and comes with peregrine fighters, but I don't know what that means. Are they good support to have? How do they compare to the Odyssey's Chevron, Aquarius, and Work Bees? Any Odyssey I use would have all three of those unique consoles, after all.
For carrier, the fighters are small shuttle-like ships that can be commanded to attack or defend a target of your choice, or left alone. They can be resummoned fairly quickly and you can choose between a variety of fighters to suit your needs. The peregine fighters are simply the type that it comes equipped with when purchased but you can use dilithium to get others.
The Odyssey's 'pets' however are more like special powers. You can call on them when you want to, but they have a fairly long recharge and cannot be controlled. The Chevron isn't so much about the pet as it is about boosting your own maneuverability, the Aquarius is more like using Fleet Support (though weaker) and the Worker Bees aren't really pets, but more of a repair skill that activates the next time your hull gets below 75%.

One last big thing is the Odyssey's Chevron separation. When it does this, what happens to the stardrive section that I control? Does it behave more like an escort in that situation? Would it allow me to get all the speed of an escort in combat while having the durability of a cruiser?
Yes and no. Yes, you'll be more like an escort but no, you won't be able to match their agility. More like a science ship.

The last thing to look at is small, and that's the Armitage's point defense torpedo console. The console itself can be put onto any ship, but I'm wondering which ship could get the most out of it. With cannons taking up forward slots, the Armitage might not have enough torpedo launchers to really get the bang out of that console.
Two misconceptions here. First of all, you can NOT use the Armitage's consoles on other ships (besides the upcoming Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier). Second, it does NOT use your torpedo lauchers at all. You could use it with only energy weapons equipped, or full torpedos, and it will function exactly the same.

I suppose the last question would be about how the purchase works. I haven't bought any ships off the c-store yet because of this. When I buy a ship, does it simply unlock and then have to be bought with something else to use? Does it just give me one copy of the ship bound to one character? Does it give me a copy of the ship for one character and unlock it for the rest? Or, does it give me one copy of the ship for every character?
You can request them for any of your Federation characters, as many times as you want.
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