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Couple points you may be missing...
You have to buy all 3 Oddys to get the 3 consoles, so that's 4000 C-points.
I don't think the Armatage's torpedo point defense is usable on anything but the Armatage.

I'm an Engr and I run an Oddy. From what I've read, consensus is that the Sci one is the best due to the Sensor Analysis. The 10 stack will give you a 33% damage bonus for all damage. An extra Tac console will only give you up to +30% for one type. But SA does take a bit to get to 10 stacks, and you have to stay w/in 10km to keep it up (Oddy can take a while to turn so leaving 10km can happens alot at full speed, lol), & switching targets starts the stacking buff over again.

If you can only afford to buy 1 Oddy, I'd go for the Engr one, the Chevron Separation is the best power. Workbees are 'cute' but don't do much. The Aquarius does help dps, but dies fast. It'll be dead or on cooldown most of the time (especially in STFs). And while a 3rd Tac console is nice, a 5th Engr one is a good 2nd choice.

Final note... or with Fleet ships coming, see what they can do (stowiki) and maybe you'll want to hold off spending C-points and wait for one of those. I got my eye on the Fleet Assault Cruiser.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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