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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
We have mission where we have to use our shuttlecrafts and fighters, but we don't have missions that requiring us to use our old, lower tier ships. A lot of our other ships are just collecting dust and some of us would like to use them or see them in action. It would not make since for us to try to use them in VA PVP or STF's because they have low hull strength and weaker shields, but Maybe they can come up with a tier level PVP were players can fight eachother using the approptiate tier level ship. For example, having the TOS Constitution fighting the old D7 Battlecruisers, or the Constitution fighting the B'rel Class Bird of Prey. I think there could be some episodes or dailies that could be made for us to use the old Constitution Class, or Excelsior, etc. What do you guys think?
interesting post. i get my old ships out now and then just to see how they do. they can still hold their own and of course, as time has gone by my player skill has improved or at least that is my opinion.

radical idea: suicide missions with great rewards, but require the sacrafice of a ship. better than just discharging them.