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04-21-2009, 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by Orab Ibo
I don't think I could ever say I saw NPC AI as good as a PC. You may be able to use them to draw fire, guard you, and have an engineer handy to open a door.

but they will never be as self reliant as a PC player. Sure it gives you that, Captain feeling of giving orders. But at some point, isn't it better to get someone that can think for themselves? And not, continue to attack someone until they die?! All because you didn't tell them to stop in time!

But I think NPC crews will be more beneficial for missions that may require a engineer with specific skills, or a science officer with a background in medicine to heal an another race! Skill based MMO's (like SWG) are notorious, for having a difficult time finding someone with the right skills. Someone may have the skills, but not enough. It would be nice to see the objectives of a mission and when you search for players, the game itself, would highlight/or only show ppl that were capable of helping you finish your mission. That way you don't have the constant,

"Do you have X skills?"
"yes, but only so much."
"Sorry, not enough"
And you go on asking the next 20 ppl the same question until you find the right skills.

I would love for missions to have these sort of details, objectives to accomplish. But finding the right PC's near by is not an excercise of fun. If you can complete an entire crew great! if you can't, and NPC is there to fill in. You never have to stop and wait for ppl to come by so you can finish a mission!
You can search for new ppl to replace the NPC's, but it will also will never be a show stopper either.
I hope you are right. I think it will depend on if you can get a party of 3 PC and 1 NPC rather than 1 PC and 3NPC. However, I really dont care. I have been waiting for a Star Trek MMORPG for ages now or even a half decent Star Trek game.