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Originally Posted by malan29 View Post
Okay, basically.. you can choose not to get a fleet ship. You aren't being held at gunpoint here. Given how OP the ships are, I don't see an issue. There's still a zen store, so you personally don't have to spend $20 on anything. Just saying, yeah it's kinda suck, but it's all about money.
I know I'm not forced to buy it. that is not why I started this thread. I want people to point it out to others. I also never indicated whether or not I am going to purchase it. The problem is the perceived value.

On a side note there is also an inconsistency with the price. the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, Fleet Advance Research vessel Retrofit and Fleet Heavy escort carrier seem to have a different requirement making them about $5. I'm hoping that is the right price point.

<# of Modules> <Ship>
4 Fleet Patrol Escort
4 Fleet deep space science vessel
4 Fleet Heavy Cruiser retrofit
4 Fleet Research science vessel retrofit
4 fleet star cruiser
4 Fleet reconnaissance science vessel
4 Fleet escort retrofit
1 Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit
1 Fleet Advance Research vessel Retrofit
4 Fleet science vessel retrofit
4 Fleet Exploration cruiser retrofit
4 Fleet Aquarius Destroyer
1 Fleet Heavy escort carrier
4 Fleet Long range science vessel Retrofit