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For PvE (please note I use this with my Sci Cappy):


COM Tac: Tactical Team 1 / Scatter Volley 1 / Scatter Volley 2 / Attack Pattern: Beta 3

LT Tac: Torp Spread 1 / Attack Pattern: Beta 1

ENS Tac: Torp Spread 1

LTC Eng: Emergencey Power to Shields 1 / Emergencey Power to Shields 2 / Directed Energy Modulation 2 (Alt 1: Emergencey Power to Shields 1 / Auxiliary to Structural Integrity 1 / Emergencey Power to Shields 3) (Alt 2: Emergencey Power to Shields 1 / Emergencey Power to Shields 2 / Eject Warp Plasma 1)

LT Sci: Hazard Emitters 1 / Transfr Shield Strength 2


Front Weapons: 3 Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons / 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher

Rear Weapons: 3 Phaser Turrets


Deflector: Borg Assimilated Deflector

Engines: Borg Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines

Shields: MACO Mk. XI Resilient Shields


Eng Consoles: Torpedo PDS / Ablative Armor / Neutronium Armor

Sci Consoles: Borg Assimilated Module / Field Generator

Tac Consoles: 3 Phaser Relays / 1 Photon Torp consoles


Hangar: Advanced Peregrines


Kills stuff in STF's dead. The AoE powers and ability to paint Attack Pattern: Beta on everything under the sun generally means most things die at lightning speed, and for anything that doesn't, you have the Peregrines. Keep them in formation and then send them on their attack run whenever you're painting a target with damage buffing skills (Sensor Scan, Fire on My Mark, and Attack Pattern: Beta) to greatly increase your single target damage and offset not having single-target powers. Once your Peregrines have completed their attack run, recall them, or they'll just broadside their target with thier dinky phaser pulse turrets. Seriously, the pets are another attack, so use them, don't just set them to intercept and forget about them or they won't bring much to the table.

The Photon Torp console brings the Torp PDS's damage up to about 16k per target. With good positioning you can all but instantly wipe out an entire wave of spheres and probes instantly, on both Infected and KA with a combined Peregrines to Intercept mode, Scatter 2, Beta: 3, Torp Spread, and Torp PDS console attack.

Oh, don't hoard the torp console unless you know you're about to get a huge wave of enemies. It's there to do damage, so let it! You end up with one less defensive console, a lot like a Defiant with the cloaking console, but have pets and powerful Engineering options at your disposal to offset it, so use 'em.

For power levels, I reccomend one with 100 wep / 25 Shields / 50 Engine / 25 Aux & 100 wep / 50 Shields / 25 Engines / 25 Aux as your attack & defensive modes, respectively. Another setting with 25 / 75 / 25 / 75 (or 25 / 50 / 25 / 100) for healing is also quite handy, and a last one with 25 / 50 / 100 / 25 for when you need to haul ass.

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